Wednesday, February 22, 2006

So it seems I've managed to find some breathing space for the big round of tests. Hi everybody!

Here's what's bugging me:
I finished my final project for biomed photo on monday. (It was an education science poster about frog skin. I think it kicks ass, I am so in love with it.) I sent it off to be printed. On Tuesday, I picked it up and took it to be mounted and laminated. I was ready for crit the next day. I wish all of my classmates could've been. You see, we've had 7 weeks to do this project. During that time we had only 2 other projects to complete. And they were simple and really not very time consuming at all. That said, we had 7 weeks to work on our posters. And yet. Certain people who routinely show up late for class and crits showed up late for this one. With crappy work. This makes Mary angry. I worked really hard on my poster and got to crit on time. Other people choose to not be on time and come in late and still get to put up their work for crit. Frankly, its rude. It feels like crit isn't worth their time and they can't be bothered to stop and look at what everyone else has done. And offer comments and such. My work isn't worth their time. So certain people show up and throw crap up on the wall. And complain about how if they had more time they could've done better. We had 7 weeks. I'm just tired of it. Last year, with crazy pregnant lady, if one was not on time for crit, sorry Charlie, your work doesn't go up and points got off the assignment. Rules like that force you to respect others' work. But this year is sort of loosy goosey. Sigh.

I could also start in with the Men's rugby team and their unwillingness to support the Women's team as we are struggling to recover from some major changes but I'm too hungry to do that.

Hey! EC kiddies! Who wants to go see the Maori Dance Theater with me on Monday the 6th? Sworva? It will be supa fly. I promise.


YourFavoriteBabyFucker said...

yo, your frog skin poster is damn sexy girl! and so the roaches are being dicks to us, whatever.

SworvaJean said...

hmm...if it's to be supafly, i shall have to go.

arah hope: said...

Monday the 6th of...? Tell me more, suga!