Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Quick tip for y'all: if you're having trouble with a project and you keep fucking up no matter how hard you try to do it right, talk to your prof about it. But make sure you cry. That gets you an extentsion. It makes the rest of your week hell, but it gets you an extentsion.

The end of the quarter at RIT. It fills me with joy. I have a huge project due Thursday that involved the Zone system (fuck you ansel adams) and using the view camera. But I managed to fuck up both of those concepts so many times, I have to reshoot. Thus, I get an extension. See above scenario for more information.
I enjoy school for the most part. I just don't enjoy the end of the quarter. Being an art student has its advantages. I don't have to write silly java programs. I can spend hours and hours in a darkroom.
I just wannna go home.
I wanna go home to a place where no one makes fun of the way that I talk and I get to drink real milk. I can take a shower without having to wear flip flops. It will be good. For about a week. Then I have to come right back here again. Its funny how first instead of here I wrote home. I'm confused about where home is. It feels like both places but more and more at RIT.

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