Friday, January 30, 2004

Bibliophile has been updated.

School was canceled today. I really needed the day off. Not because I'm behind in my work or anything but because I haven't gotten to sleep in one morning since christmas break. I work at the crack of dawn on saturdays and go to church early on sunday - one by choice the other not so much. I don't mean to bog you down with my bitching but that is the way it is. For me at least.
Winter Carnival is tomorrow. I'm not excited or anything. I'm on court which is kind of exciting. But I have to stand next to Evan which is defintely not exciting.
I don't have any tickets. I was planning on buying them today. They don't sell them at the door like they did in olden times. I will have to force my way in, I guess.

I hope those who don't have to go to school today enjoy their day, those who can't should also enjoy their day off as well, and those who still do...nah nah nah.

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