Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Happy Christmas. I was having a perfectly wonderful day. But then I checked one of my favorite web comics Nothing Nice To Say to find out that my favorite punk is dead. Joe Strummer died. He's fucking dead. He's never going to sing "London Calling" or "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" or "Tommy Gun" again. I cried when Joey Ramone died. I don't know if I can cry this time. How can we lose to great men in a space less then three years? I always thought he was really hot. (Shut your mouth.) He embodied so many things - without the Clash, where would Dropkick Murpheys be? The Clash were the first to sing about the blue collar working class. They were the first to mix reggae and rock together. A lot of different bands owe themselves to the Clash. I just want to express my sympathy to Mr. Strummer's family and fans and anyone out there who felt at all affected by the Clash's music. Thank you and good night.

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